Sunday, February 12, 2012

Simple Plan Concert Pictures @ Pacific Coliseum

Wow, another concert within 2 days! I went to see Marianas Trench and Simple Plan last night at the Pacific Coliseum. These Kids Wear Crowns and All Time Low opened before Marianas Trench came on. He came out of a box, which was pretty awesome (see the video below). Simple Plan started a bit after 9 and they had a funny video sequence to open but the sound cut out due to some technical difficulties, which was a total bummer. Regardless, the Coliseum was packed and it was a great concert. The crowd had lots of energy and all the groups were very fun and engaging.

These Kids Wear Crowns

All Time Low. They were starting a collection of bras that were thrown on stage on their microphone stand.

Marianas Trench (from Vancouver!)

Josh forgot his lyrics while singing Haven't Had Enough.

They got everyone to hold up their lighters/phones/glowsticks.

Josh had the coolest hair - silver glitter at the front.

Simple Plan


"I miss you so bad and my heart, heart, heart is so jetlagged..."

Beachballs rained from the ceiling during Summer Paradise.

Starting out a song acoustically.

Cannons blasted confetti into the crowd during the encore.

Here's a video of Marianas Trench's opening. As usual, you can find more videos from the concert on my Youtube channel. I will be uploading a few more from Marianas Trench and Simple Plan over the next week!

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