Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friends With Benefits - Movie Review

In what seems to be latest trend in movies, Friends with Benefits is yet another movie about...well, friends with benefits. Friends with Benefits finds Dylan (Justin Timberlake), an art director, being recruited by head hunter Jamie (Mila Kunis) to join GQ. They are both tired of all the complications that comes with relationships so they agree to be sex buddies. Things are great in the beginning but of course, a romantic comedy wouldn't be a romantic comedy without a few complications. Jamie decides she wants to date again so they end their arrangement, and when Jamie goes out with a doctor who she really likes, Dylan realizes he loves Jamie and arranges a big stunt to get her back.

Friends with Benefits is very similar to No Strings Attached, and now that I think about it, Love and Other Drugs as well. Friends is hilarious though and Kunis plays Jamie with spunk and is well suited for the role. Justin Timberlake, of course, is great in any comedic role and pulls it off again. There are some great cameos in the movie, including Andy Samberg (Timberlake's Dick In A Box costar), Emma Stone and Patricia Clarkson (both from Easy A). Clarkson plays the crazy mom again in this movie, just like in Easy A, which I thought was really funny. The movie is a great light rom-com and I definitely recommend it if you want a laugh (I would even say it's the best of the three movies I've mentioned)!

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