Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love - Movie Review

Crazy, Stupid, Love is Warner Bros. newest comedy that starts off with Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) getting the shock of his life when his wife (Julianna Moore) announces she wants a divorce and that she also slept with a coworker (Kevin Bacon). Cal mopes at a bar, where he meets a handsome player, Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) who picks up women effortlessly. Jacob decides to take Cal under his wing and reinvents him - new clothes, new haircut, new life. Meanwhile, Cal's thirteen year old son (Jonah Bobo) is in love with the baby sitter (Analeigh Tipton), who is in turn in love with Cal. Jacob meets Hannah (Emma Stone), the only woman who was ever resisted his charm and is unsure of what to do when he finds himself falling for her. Despite Cal's makeover, he discovers, with a little help from his son, that soul mates do exist and he doesn't want to be with anyone else besides his wife.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is an extremely well cast movie and everyone shines in their role. The different stories are cleverly interwoven together and there are surprises at the end. It was really enjoyable to watch and wasn't like a typical romantic comedy. There are scenes that really make you believe that there is a soul mate out there for you and you should hang on when you find him/her! I definitely recommend this as a cute summer movie to go see. Watch for Josh Groban making his film debut.

Crazy, Stupid, Love comes out in theatres this Friday, July 29th.

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