Monday, July 11, 2011

An Afternoon at the Track

I made it out to Mascot Racing yesterday at the Hastings Race Course! It was a beautiful day so it was a perfect day to spend at the track.

There were a lot of mascots walking around, taking pictures with people before the race. I got a few:

Red from Red Robin

Vancouver Giants

No clue who this mascot is!

Breadhead from Cobs Bread

Philbert from Purdy's Chocolate! I <3 him!

There were three heats of the race and a final, but I was only able to stay for two. The mascot I was rooting for was Philbert, because he tripped last year and he's so cute. He was in the first race and he did fine on the first obstacle...but fell again just before he got to the second one! Poor Philbert!!

The mascots in the second race.

I also watched a few of the horse races and put my first bet down! I chose number 5, the green one!

Goooo 5!

He won!

I had a lot of fun and will be returning again next year for Mascot Racing. I hope the Variety's Children Charity was able to raise a lot of money!

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