Thursday, March 23, 2017

LEGO Romantic Valentine Picnic

There is less than a month until the popular LEGO convention, BrickCan, is back! My friends and I are getting very excited. I have been building a lot of small LEGO sets as we get closer to the date to get hyped up. The next set I opened up is about a month late, but it is the Romantic Valentine Picnic, set #40236. This was an exclusive LEGO Shop seasonal set with a $12.99 CAD price tag. I really love this set because it is so colourful and there are so many food pieces, which come in handy when I take minifigure photos. The best part is the extra pieces that are included pieces! I also like the LEGO built trees.

Here is a look at the front and back of the box. It really catches your eye.

I think this set makes a really great display piece. It's got everything - flowers, food, trees, minifigures!

Take a look at the speed build video:

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