Thursday, March 16, 2017

LEGO Passport - Minifigure Companion Set

It's spring break for the kids and LEGO has just released this adorable LEGO minifigure passport/travel accessories kit! It's great for minifigure photography and for people who like taking pictures of minifigures in the real world while on vacation - like me!

This little set was only $5 so I couldn't resist picking one up even though I have many of the accesories already. The box is a printed suitecase and once you open it up, you get a "passport" which contains building instructions as well as some photography ideas. You also get some cards where you can write stuff for your minifigure to say.

Dumping out the 41 pieces, we get a jumble of neat pieces.

All built and ready to relax!

I think I'm definitely going to be having some fun with these!

Here's an unboxing video I shot in case you wanted a more detailed description of everything!

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