Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sharks and Rays at the Vancouver Aquarium

One of my favourite places to spend a day is at the Vancouver Aquarium, and when I heard there was sharks and rays exhibit, I couldn't wait to go! Located in the heart of Stanley Park, a group of us headed down last weekend on a gorgeous day. The Aquarium has been undergoing renovations for the last few years, so it was quite different since the last time I have been. There are plenty of amazing things to see - the sharks are one of my favourites still! Make sure to check it out during the summer months. It's definitely worth spending a whole day there! The Secret World of Sharks and Rays will be at the Vancouver Aquarium until April 30th.

Lots of renovations going on at the Vancouver Aquarium. This is the new entrance.

Penguins are the newest addition to the Vancouver Aquarium.
One of my favourite animals - the sea otter!
Giant Pacific octopus.
Blue-spotted Fantail Ray
Tasselled Wobbegong - a type of carpet shark that is amazing at camouflage!
Hatpin urchin.
Dwarf cuttlefish
Splendid garden eel. They are adorable!
A shark egg case. The illumination behind it helped you see the shark moving around inside the case - very cool.

Hyacinth macaw
Tiger rat snake
Peek-a-boo! Blue-fronted Amazon.
Pacific white-sided dolphin.
Stellar sea lion.
Harbour seal.
False tomato frog
Green treefrog
Frog lovin'. Phantasmal poison frog.

These fish hide in kelp. You might even see them if you don't look closely!
Japanese sea nettle.

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Karen Che said...

Lovely pictures! The colors are so vibrant and beautiful, I'll have to visit the Vancouver Aquarium some day--it has such a diverse collection of sea life.