Saturday, March 30, 2013

Leonidas Chocolate 100th Year Celebration

Leonidas, a chocolate boutique and cafe, celebrated their 100th anniversary this weekend by hosting a party at their waterfront location at Canada Place. Leonidas is a Belgian chocolate company, with over 1400 locations across the globe. All the chocolates are imported from Belgium and are made with 100% cocoa butter. Along with chocolates, the store also offers other confectionery treats, ice cream and hot chocolate beverages.

Plenty of chocolate eggs in time for Easter!

So many chocolates to choose from.

The colourful macarons are certainly eye-catching!
A chocolate fountain was set up near the front of the store with fruit, Leige waffles and cream puffs for dipping. (I resisted the urge to put a cup under the fountain and just drink the chocolate.) Wine and hot chocolate was also offered as drinks, and small sandwiches and appetizers were brought around.

The hot chocolate was to-die for! I tried the milk chocolate, but they also offer white and dark chocolate drinks.
Turkey, goat cheese, avocado and pesto sandwiches.
Goat cheese and walnut sandwiches.
Tomato and cheese skewers.
Leonidas also carries locally made macarons. I tried the raspberry macaron with chocolate ganache. There are many other flavours to choose from, and they all sounded delicious! The macaron was less sweet than others I have tried, which I really liked.

Jeremy of @FoodGays and store co-owner Aisha about to devour a mint chocolate macaron!
As if a macaron tasting wasn't enough, we also got to try the different chocolates! Because the chocolate is made of 100% cocoa butter, they absolutely melt in your mouth!

The team at Leonidas.
Everyone received a chocolate goody to bring home!
The party was definitely a fun and delicious one. It was very nice to see some familiar faces, as well as meet new friends. Leonidas is a great place to visit if you're ever looking for a treat! Make sure to say hi to Aisha when you're in!

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