Saturday, March 02, 2013

I Met Tony from The Ellen Show!

I visited the West Coast Women's Show today at the PNE Forums in Vancouver. It's always fun to check out trade shows, but I really went because I wanted to see Tony O, the DJ from The Ellen Show! He's such a funny guy. There was a Q&A session with Tony before three audience members were selected to go on stage to play "Tony Karaoke". It was actually pretty hilarious to watch, since the ladies didn't know the lyrics to the songs that Tony selected. Afterwards, Tony DJ'd for the fashion show. There were plenty of clothing made by local designers showcased. After the fashion show, Tony held a meet and greet where I got my picture taken with him and got an autograph!

Samira Truly Tina performing songs by Tina Turner. A really fun performance to watch!
Time for Tony Karaoke!
Lace embrace.
Harley Davidson wear for men...
...and for children! Adorable!
Wedding attire.

Me and Tony!
Next up, meeting Ellen!


Ginger said...

Very cool!

Ashleigh Swerdfeger said...

You are very lucky! it looks like you had a lot of fun as well.