Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kobe Izakaya Lounge

I picked up the a coupon deal at The Red Pocket for the lounge at Kobe restaurant downtown, so headed down there a few weeks ago. It was early in the week, so it was actually pretty quiet in the lounge area. A cute little place, it has Japanese decor and seems like a cozy place to go to for a night out. The food was decent, though not the best I've had. I have a feeling most people head upstairs to the pricier Kobe Japanese Steak and Seafood House, but the lounge is a nice quiet place to grab a drink.

We started with the Ahi Tuna Sashimi. It wasn't very fresh so I wouldn't recommend it.
Spicy Dynamite Roll. Good, but maybe a little too spicy for me!
Chili Garlic Calamari. This was nice and crispy.
Tuna Avocado Salsa. Probably my favourite dish of the night, the Ahi tuna tartar is laid ontop of tomatoes, onions and avocado. Eaten with the fried wonton chips, it was a delicious combination.
Short Ribs - slow cooked, seared and marinated triple AAA ribs, finished with glaze. Very tender meat, and the sauce was sweet.
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