Friday, November 16, 2012

World's Best Cat Litter - Product Review

Any cat owner can tell you that cleaning the litter box can be one of the smelliest tasks, especially if you need to change the entire box, and the waste is stuck on the bottom. I have tried using clay litter and silica litter, but I'm always on the search for good cat litter that reduces the smell!

World's Best Cat Litter is made of whole-kernel corn, meaning there are no chemicals. Because corn is microporous, it easily absorbs odours and clumps quickly so the waste doesn't fall to the bottom of the litter box. One was of the things I noticed when I was pouring out the bag into the litter box was that there was no dust, so I didn't have to hold my breath like when I pour out clay litter. World's Best Cat Litter is all-natural and organic so it's better for your cat, for you, and for the environment!

A pale yellow colour, the litter is made of corn.
The cat litter comes in three formulas - clumping, multiple cat and scented multiple cat. I got to try the clumping formula, with a 7lb bag lasting a month with only one cat. Sunny seems to like it so far, and I have noticed that there has been a decrease in odour, so I'm quite pleased with it!

Sunny checking it out!
Not convinced? World's Best Cat Litter is currently running a mail-in-rebate promotion where you can try a bag of litter for free! Just print out and mail in the rebate form found on their website. World's Best Cat Litter is available at all major pet stores.

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