Tuesday, November 13, 2012

EXP Restaurant & Bar - Halo 4 Launch

Last week I went to check out EXP Restaurant and Bar on the Halo 4 launch night. EXP is a very cool video game themed restaurant that opened earlier this year, that pairs video games with your dining/drinking experience. Because Halo 4 was just released, all the screens in the restaurant had the game up, with people able to play. The menu items were all plays on names from video game themes and characters. The Master Chief burger was on special, naturally. I really enjoyed the food there, and I think I'll be going back!  

EXP is located just a block down from International Village.
Retro Lancer from Gears of War above the bar.
Lots of video game decor.

The place was packed for the Halo 4 launch night.

Master Chief Burger - there was also an onion ring inside the burger - delicious!
Epic Shrimp & Crab Battle for Righteousness - prawn tempura, crab salad, and avocado. Another lip-smacking burger.
Someone was dressed up as a spartan!
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magemadness said...

wow, the the spartan dude is pretty cool