Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hukuya Sushi

Hukuya Sushi is a little Japanese restaurant in the Lougheed Mall area in Burnaby, right next to Red Robins. My company sometimes go here for lunch when we have a special occasion to celebrate. It's never too busy when we come (always on a weekday though) so the food we order comes quite quickly. Hukuya Sushi offers typical items that most Japanese restaurants will have. There are plenty of specials and unique rolls, all of them tasty, and the prices are decent. The only thing I wouldn't recommend ordering is the sashimi, because we tried the sockeye salmon sashimi and it was still frozen! You can order a la carte, or go for the all-you-can-eat option.

Wakame salad.
Assorted tempura.
Catapillar roll.
Mango roll.
Super roll.
Dragon roll.
Sockeye salmon sashimi.

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Christina Dragan said...

That sushi place looks really good. Mango roll - hmm wonder what that would taste like.