Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday is Here!

The biggest shopping event of the US is here - Black Friday! People will probably start camping out of the store as early as Thursday morning to ensure they get the deal. Canadians are heading across the border as well to get in on the amazing sale prices. Many retailers are offering the same sales online as well, for those that don't want to leave the house and brave the crowds. Many of the sales will start Thursday night online, so definitely check out the sites of your favorite shops.

Canadian retailers are also using Black Friday as an excuse to have their own sales and keep shoppers on this side of the border. Go online and look through the store flyers and see what deals jump out at you. Make sure you know your prices though, as some items are not really on sale at all, but behind the Black Friday sale label, some shoppers are tricked. This is also a great chance to start shopping for those on your Christmas list - might as well take part in the good deals and save yourself some money. The prices of presents really rack up a big bill! Make sure to go to the mall early so you can be sure to snag some great deals! Good luck to all the bargain hunters!

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