Sunday, April 03, 2011

Vancouver International Auto Show 2011

I checked out the Vancouver International Auto Show yesterday! This year it was held at the Convention Centre and man, was it packed! I don't really care much about cars, but shiny new cars = nice. It was cool to see what the latest models were though, and of course, got a few freebies along the way! ;) Did any of you go this year?

The new Honda Civic. I'm not really a fan of the design.


Ford Fiesta! This is the car I want!

BMW in yellow! Nice and bright!

I think this is a Hyundai.

Canucks Chevrolet!

Another BMW. Love the colour!

I'd like this Maserati please.

Mazda 3. Zoom zoom!


The sumo wrestler from that car ad! Forget which one.


demon frog said...

Sumo wrestler is for Subaru! LOL they actually brought in a real one??? That's so cool!

seapotato said...

yes! he is the actual on in the commercial lol