Sunday, April 24, 2011

Textuality - Movie Review

Textuality, starring Jason Lewis and Carly Pope is about the two trying to find love while balancing multiple relationships via BBM and SMS. Lewis plays financial planner Breslin, whose heart was broken when his fiance left him at the alter (I'm just guessing this, as I was actually busy on my Blackberry (Oops! Fitting for this movie, no?) when the opening credits started rolling that shows a bunch of cut scenes of his relationship). He now has a "roster" of women that he juggles and manages through text messaging and skype. Simone (Pope) is in a similar situation. She is involved with four different men, and they all know about each other. She is waiting for her married lover, Clive (Eric McCormack), to leave his wife, which he will once he finds the right time to tell her.

Breslin and Simone meet by chance when he hits her with his car and from there, their relationship starts. Things start to unravel when all the women in Breslin's life find out about his other relationships, while Simone breaks it off with her men, only to find out Breslin was involved with her art teacher!

This movie is relevant to how much society uses their phones and social media to communicate nowadays, and how easy it could be to be in so many relationships via text messaging. However, the script leaves something to be desired and the actors try their best but it's a sinking ship. My sister and I were literally the only ones in the theatre. And that's not something to LOL about.

Textuality is out in theatres now.

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