Thursday, March 10, 2011

Win Win - Movie Review

Win Win is a sweet and touching indie drama that stars Paul Giamatti as Mike Flaherty, a lawyer who's practice is suffering and is struggling financially. He also helps out as a highschool wrestling coach. Mike becomes the caretaker of one of his clients so that he would receive the monthly stipend to support his family. When the client's teenage grandson, Kyle (Alex Shaffer), shows up suddenly, he has to take him in, as his mother is recovering in a clinic. Mike discovers Kyle is a great wrestler and enrolls him in the high school so that he can join the team. Kyle is happy living with Mike's family and visiting his grandpa, but things get complicated when his mother shows up to bring him back home.

I really enjoyed the movie - it was really heartwarming and the characters were endearing. It's easy to warm up to all the characters and Shaffer did a great job with his first role (he is actually a champion wrestler at his high school) playing the troubled teen. Amy Ryan is hilarious as the protective mother whose instincts kick in when Kyle stays with her family. Bobby Cannavale also had some great lines as Terry, Mike's best friend. Win Win is not to be missed! The movie comes out in theatres March 18th.

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