Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hop - Movie Review

Hop is a Easter-themed movie that combines live action and CGI together, staring James Marsden and Russell Brand. E.B. (voiced by Russell Brand) is a rabbit that is supposed to take over as the Easter Bunny from his father, but all he really wants is to be a drummer. He runs away from his home on Easter Island and heads to Hollywood to pursue his dreams, when he is hit by Fred O'Hare (James Marsden), a slacker who is going to house sit for his sister's friend. E.B. brings all sorts of trouble to Fred, from creating a mess of the house to ruining Fred's job interview.

Back on Easter Island, the head Easter Chick, Carlos, is leading a revolt and taking over as the next Easter Chick. E.B. and Fred team up and save the day, both growing up and learning to take responsibility in their lives.

Hop was cute and the animation very well done, merged with the live action. Russell Brand was perfect as a slacker Easter Bunny (even though he only does the voice, all you can do is think about Russell Brand)! The movie was funny, though the ending was a bit cheesy. It's definitely a great movie to take for your family to this Easter.
Hop comes into theatres tomorrow, April 1st.

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