Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Rango - Movie Review

Jonny Depp voices a chameleon in this animated movie, who lives in a terranium and enjoys acting out scenarios in his surroundings. He is thrown out into the middle of the dessert when the terranium flies out of the car after it swerves. He finds himself in an Old West town call Dirt with an assortment of characters straight out of a Western flick. He realizes he can now be anyone he wants and declares himself Rango, a hero who isn't afraid of anything, when he is the complete opposite. When the town falls for his stories, he becomes the town's sheriff. The town is running out of water and when the town's last supply of water is stolen, it's up to Rango to search for it. At the same time, the town's mayor is secretly withholding water from the town to maintain power. Rango is found out to be a sham and is ousted. While out in the desert, he finds himself and realizes he really can be a hero and goes back to Dirt to save the town.

From watching the trailer, you would think this was a kid's movie, however it's anything but. The story gets a little dark and serious, with references and jokes that only adults would understand. The animation is great, quite different from Disney-esqe animations I'm used to. It's enjoyable for kids and adults and has an interesting story line. Great movie!

Rango comes out in theatres this Friday, March 4th.

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