Sunday, July 18, 2010

Went to The Body Shop Again

My sister had to go to the library to return some books today, so off I went with that I can check out The Body Shop at that mall! And borrow some books of course lol. Today I found Cucumber Refreshing Water for $5.99 - $5 coupon. So after tax it was only $1.11. Sweet deal! Yay, more toner!

My sis wanted it too so she bought one as well, woot woot! She also got a sample of body butter - I didn't ask for a sample today because I thought we were in a hurry! Sheesh. But yes, for those of you who didn't know (I only found out yesterday), TBS will give you a sample of their products - just ask one of the salespeople and they will squeeze out the creams or whatever you want into a little container for you to take home to try! Pretty sweet, since TBS stuff is not that cheap and you might want to try out the products to make sure you like it and your skin can take it!

How did everyone make out on the last day of the $5 off The Body Shop and $5 off Babies R Us coupon?

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