Thursday, July 29, 2010

SPC VIP available now!

I blogged about the Student Price Card (SPC) before and mentioned that if you are not a student but still want to get this great discount card, LouLou magazine usually offers a SPC VIP card that does not require you to show student ID.

The offer for the 2010/2011 card has been valid for a few weeks now (just too lazy to post about it, sorry). You need to follow this link in order to receive the VIP card with your magazine subscription. It's $14.95 + taxes for 8 issues of LouLou magazine and the SPC VIP, which isn't too bad, since the regular SPC is $9 in stores. There are also a few new partners that are offering discounts this year, check out the list here.

I didn't think I'd shop at many of these stores when I got my card last year and I already saved over $60 (I paid $10.50 after shipping for my card).

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