Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shopping today!

So did everyone get a chance to use the $5 Babies R Us and the $5 The Body Shop coupons yet?

I went to the mall with my sister, and we got these:

2x Box of 400 Q-tips (for mum) - $3.99 each
1x Travel Sized box of Q-tips - $1.49
1x Small jar of Vaseline - $1.99
4x Baby Mum-Mums - 4 for $6

Used 3x $5 coupons (3 transactions) and paid $2.64 for everything after tax!

Those of you with babies or need baby food can do better and only pay about 20cents or so, since you can buy a couple jars of baby food to top your purchase off to $5. I gave one of my extra coupons to a lady in front of me who had a basketful of baby items. :)

We went to The Body Shop next and I only picked up a bottle of toner regular priced at $11 - $5 coupon. $6 + tax. Not too bad, since I'm going to need some toner soon anyway. There were some items that were $3-4 that you can use your $5 coupon on, but I was too afraid to try LOL. I have read that a ton of people were able to get these items for free though.

Tomorrow is the last day to use either coupons, so if you haven't used these GREAT coupons yet, go go go now! It's great to stock up on gifts you need for others (or yourself) or people you know who are expecting, as a lot of the baby items at Babies R Us are about $5.99 or so, and you can find a bunch of items at The Body Shop for $5.99 as well.

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