Wednesday, July 14, 2010

iCoke - Lots of Great and FREE Prizes!

I posted about iCoke before but thought it was time to re-blog about it. For quite a while now, iCoke has been running a contest where you can win many different prizes. The newest theme is the Fifa World Cup, where they had soccer balls, Fifa tshirts, PSPs etc as prizes. I've won 2 soccer balls and a tshirt, and of course, a ton of iCoke points! It's a great way to rack up the points for free, since you can play 20 times a week and use the no purchase necessary method here:

Of course, you might be thinking, what do I do with the points? Well iCoke always comes out with great prizes like $20 Sport Check gift card (18,000 points), $20 Best Buy gift card (18,000 points - but I'm still miffed at them so don't shop at Best Buy!), and a pair of Cineplex movie tickets (30,750 points), among other things. I was able to redeem for a pair of the movie tickets today, so yay, free movies!

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