Sunday, January 22, 2017

Nerd Block Classic Subscription Box - [December 2016 Unboxing]

You know I can't resist sales sometimes and this was the case with the Nerd Block Classic. Nerd Block offered 50% off all their blocks for Black Friday and when I heard there were going to be 4 Star Wars Rogue One items included, I hit that subscribe button. Unfortunately with the holidays, the mail got held up and I received my December Nerd Block pretty late. But here it is, finally!

We get a Protect the Galactic Empire lanyard with a Death Trooper keychain and a plastic sleeve. Perfect for my bus pass.

We also get a four pack of coasters that features a stormtrooper, Darth Vader, a death trooper and the death star. While useful, these coasts are made of cheap compressed cardboard so I am not sure how well they will hold up after a few uses and they get wet.

One of my most dreaded things to get in a subscription box is a mug because I have so many now! But here is a chrome Darth Vader mug. I thought it was a little weird not to make it a chrome black but it's silver - I think Captain Phasma would have been a better candidate for creating a chrome mug!

We also get a Death Trooper coin bank! Into the gift pile since I rarely have any coins anymore.

The last item was a little out of place - we get a Transformers decepticon shirt. I'm not really a fan of Transformers so I was a bit disappointed. Where is the Star Wars shirt?

I thought the December Nerd Block Classic was a bit hohum. Nothing really wowed me. I've cancelled my subscription for now, but who knows what will happen during the next 50% off sale (spoiler: I'll probably re-subscribe)? 

The Nerd Block starts at $19.99 USD month to month, plus shipping and HST. The February subscriptions are open now and will include items from Back to the Future, Doctor Strange and Donnie Darko.

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