Saturday, January 21, 2017

Loot Crate Sanrio Small Gift Subscription Box - [First Unboxing]

I thought I was done with subscription boxes for a while, but nope! Loot Crate announced a collaboration with Sanrio to release the Sanrio Small Gift Crate in October, a quarterly subscription that would be filled with adorable Sanrio items. As a kid, I never got to go to the Sanrio store because things were too expensive. So I really wanted to subscribe to this...and I didn't. At least, not right away. I actually waited an entire month until there was a Black Friday sale of 25% off all subscription boxes and I subscribed for the entire year! I finally received the first Sanrio Small Gift box and I was so pleased with the contents. Take a look!

The box itself is pretty cute. The sides are printed with the most popular Sanrio characters.

When you open up the box, there is a cute Sanrio wrapping with a little bauble attached. From watching a few other unboxing videos, apparently Sanrio stores used to attached something like this to all your purchases.

Like all Loot Crate boxes, the inside is printed so you can flip it inside out and have a cool looking box. Sanrio seems to be rebranding to "Hello Sanrio".

The first item is a simple grey tshirt. It has all the characters falling out of the pocket. The shirt is really soft and a thinner stretchy material, which I don't particularly like.

An adorable journal - it's fun looking at the design and seeing all the characters! A sheet of puffy stickers are also included and the pages have characters printed on it.

A Hello Sanrio pen and eraser set. The erasers are round heads of all the characters. I collected erasers as a kid so this is going to be perfect in the collection!!

A super useful pouch. I'll probably use this for travel.

A bag clip.

A pretty hefty Hello Kitty vinyl figure. I like it except for the fact that Hello Kitty is covered in silver sparkles.

The booklet that tells you the contents of the box is printed on this cute Hello Sanrio cityscape on the back.

What did you think of the first Loot Crate Sanrio Small Gift Crate? You can subscribe yourself over here. You have until March to order the next box!

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