Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mango Yummy - Delicious Dessert!

Mango Yummy recently opened on No. 3 Rd in Richmond in a small strip mall, right across from Richmond Centre. Originally a stand at the night market, I guess they did well enough to open a shop. Mango Yummy specializes in Asian desserts, featuring, you guessed it - mango.

It is quite small inside so you might not get to sit and enjoy your dessert, but they do offer take-out containers. They offer a wide range of desserts, including specialty drinks, shaved ice desserts, bubble tea, crepes and mochi.  Their menu prices include taxes, which I really like since it's all round numbers! Note that like most Asian places in Richmond, they take cash only.

Mango tapioca drink with added ice cream.
Signature mango sago & grapefruit drink.
Shaved ice with red bean, mochi and green tea ice cream.
Signature mango shaved ice.
Thai mango glutinous rice with coconut milk.
Mango pancake - filled with whipped creme and fresh mango.
I ended up going twice in a week because I love mangos and dessert! The first time I went, the mango was really sour but luckily I had added ice cream (for an extra $1) to my drink so that sweetened everything up. I guess it's hard for a place that deals mainly with mango when it's not in season. The second time I went, the mango was much better. I can't wait to go back in the summer when it's truely mango season.

Everything was delicious - a lot of mango, ice, evaporated milk, coconut milk and mango syrup is used for a majority of their desserts. They also offer durian pancakes and durian mochis that I'm planning to try next time I go!

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