Saturday, April 25, 2015

G-Men @ Nan Chuu - Ramen Izakaya

My coworkers and I had a craving for ramen last week so we all headed down to Richmond to G-Men Ramen, a little restaurant on Alexandra Rd. The place was quite busy for a weeknight so be prepared to wait a while to be seated. They were able to seat our party of 9 without having to wait too long (I think they save the larger table in the back for big groups).

We all ordered a bowl of ramen and some sides, including AAA beef yukke, pan-fried ebi gyoza and chicken karaage. Unfortunately our group was so hungry they dug in before I could get pictures of everything!

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen with Ajitama
Tan Tan Men (Spicy sesame and peanut flavour pork brone broth)
The ramen broth was very thick and fatty and delicious. I added the ajitama (marinated egg) for $1.50 more to my miso ramen. There were plenty of noodles to fill you up but if you're extra hungry or want to have leftovers for another day, extra noodles only cost $1.50 more. There is crushed raw garlic on the table which you can add into your noodle bowl as well - yum! Overall, the food was excellent and one of the better ramen I've had. 

G-men @ Nan Chuu 南廚 Ramen Izakaya on Urbanspoon

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