Friday, April 17, 2015

DisneyNature's Monkey Kingdom Hits Theatres Today!

DisneyNature is back this Earth Day with Monkey Kingdom, the newest nature documentary following a family of toque macaque monkeys in the jungles of Sri Lanka. The alpha male Raja rules with a trio of females named the Sisters. They get the prime spot on the trees and first dibs on any food found in the jungle. The heroine of the story is Maya, a monkey born in the lowest hierarchy of the social ladder and has to scrounge for whatever scraps is left. She only wants to keep her son Kip safe and provide him with the best advantages within the family. The group have to cooperate to reclaim their home at Castle Rock when a new tribe of monkeys overtake it.

Narrated by Tina Fey, Monkey Kingdom offers some interesting insight into the social structure of toque macaque and has sweeping landscapes of the lush jungle that is sure to take your breath away. Other critters like sloth bears, elephants and monitor lizards make small cameos in the film. The footage is amazing and so detailed - you will feel transported into this little world.

Monkey Kingdom opens in theatres today, April 17th. For every ticket purchased during opening week, Disney will donate to Conservation International, an organization that will help benefit monkeys and other endangered species. The conservation program will support programs across Indonesia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, protecting animals, restoring forest habitats, conserving fresh drinking water for local populations, and working within local communities to inspire people to join the effort.

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