Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Sims 3 - Game Review

I received a copy of  The Sims 3 PC game from my friend for Christmas and started playing it a couple of days ago. If you are a fan of the original Sims games (either The Sims or The Sims 2, then you will enjoy this one! It has much better graphics than the previous ones, and has a nice soundtrack. There are some new additions to the game, including new personality traits (I chose frugal coupon clipper, LMAO!), more challenges and opportunities for your sim, and being able to share Sims videos online. Of course, there are many cheats you can use to make your game play more fun. I always like to use the money one so that I can build and furnish my sim's house without worrying about money. The cheat is Ctrl + Shift + C and you type in motherlode. Other cheats can be found online, just google them. It's such an addicting game, so make sure you set aside a few hours the first time you play!

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