Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pink Stickers = Good Deal!

Superstore recently started to have more pink stickered items in their stores a few months ago. What are pink stickers? They are usually for 25% to 50% off an item that is on clearance. There are to be some really good deals to be found though, you just need to keep an eye out! There are some household items that they just want clear out, or the product is in a tattered box but the item is totally fine.

For food items, there are usually some good deals, depending on what you  need. The best one I can think of are bananas. Superstore often has a paperbag full of bananas that are 50% off. It's a pretty hefty bag, and there is absolutly nothing wrong with the bananas at all! I picked up a bag yesterday, and just a few of them had some "scars" from shipping, I guess. But the inside was perfect. Not all of the bananas in the bag were even fully ripe yet! Often the bananas they put on discount are getting ripe, which would be perfect for those who cook with bananas (banana bread, anyone?).

Other items that can be found areother fruits and vegetables. Now you have to be careful about these - not all of them are good buys. Take a look at them - do they look edible? I have seen bags of peppers that would be an excellent deal if you were to use them within the next day or two for cooking. Apples are often pretty good deals too, if you are going to cook them or use them to make juice right away. There are other things such as veggies that can be good (I've gotten some lettuce that was still good) or bad (lots of the veggies were wilted or brown).

Over in the bakery section, there are often bread and dinner rolls that are 50% off. You can eat some, and freeze some. Bread freezes well and you can always use it to make stuffing for turkeys (where you need stale bread anyway!) or other cooking needs. Sometimes pies and cakes are on clearance too. If you are looking for cheap dessert to eat that very night, check the clearance rack for goodies! I picked up a 4 slice pack of chocolate truffle raspberry torte cake at half price yesterday - it made a delicious dessert for my family!

So, keep your eyes peeled when you are shopping at Superstore next! You never know what perfectly good treasures or goodies you might find that have a pink sticker on it!

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