Friday, May 22, 2015

Bellingham Brick and Toy Fair - LEGO galore!

I headed down south last weekend to check out the Brick and Toy Fair that was happening at Ferndale. I've never really been to a toy fair before (I'm fairly new to the scene!) so wasn't sure what to expect. The focus this year was LEGO, my personal favourite, so I forked up the $8USD admission to take a look.

The Ferndale Events Centre was a pretty small place but it was pretty busy with families and collectors all flocking there to get some toys for themselves.  There were Funko POP! toys, board games, lego and action figures. I was salivating over the wall of Funko toys, to be honest!

There were lots of minifigures on sale.
Some vintage toys.
$10 per Pop! Those Disney Funko Pops were calling my name...
 In another room, the LUG had many Lego creations on display. The pictures don't even do it justice - it is awe inspiring when you see it for yourself! It makes me want to take out all of my LEGO and start building.

The Hobbit Laketown scene. This model was a lot larger but I couldn't fit the rest in because I wanted to capture the tower where Bard shoots Smaug in the movie.
The Batcave. Even the frame was made out of LEGO. Some parts were motorized, so the Batmobile would turn, as well as Batman's wall of armour and weapons.
Huge castle! Must have taken a while to collect all those grey bricks.
A build based off of the comic Mouse Guard.
Train and city.
I had fun looking all the toys but didn't end up getting anything. It was a good place to go if you're looking for custom bricks and capes, as a lot of the custom LEGO printers were vendors there (They had a Jon Snow, Ygritte and Whitewalker custom printed minifigure that I wanted, but had no price tag).

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