Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blue Man Group Entertains In Vancouver

The Blue Man Group is in Vancouver performing at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre until March 30th and I had the pleasure of attending on opening night earlier this week. The show is 90 minutes of fun, full of music, humour and audience interaction. The Blue Men play on PVC pipes and it's pretty awesome when it all comes together (plus I really like anything to do with drumming), with their band joining in. It is neat to see music being created out of anything from eating cereal to plastic pipes. Audience participation is encouraged, and the Blue Men will seek out audience members to go on stage as part of a skit or art project, so don't be shy! You'll be laughing throughout the show at their funny antics. The show ends with a giant dance party where everyone is told to get up and shake their behind, streamers shoot out over the audience and there are giant balloons bounce above the crowd. 

You'll get a chance to meet the band after the show and admire the art created. Blue Man Group is a very different type of show, but fun(ny) and definitely worth seeing! Visit Broadway Across Canada for tickets.

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