Sunday, May 05, 2013

New Wild Boar Chocolate Bars from Hagensborg Chocolates

Burnaby based company, Hagensborg Chocolate, has recently debuted two new Wild Boar chocolate bars. The Wild Boar line, previously with only three bars, are single origin chocolate bars that uses the finest European ingredients. Single Origin chocolate is a smooth, rich and delicious chocolate with no additives - just the flavour of the cocoa beans from the country where it was grown.

The new bars featuring Italy and Indonesia, while not Single Origin, blend different flavours together to create a new twist on a typical chocolate bar.Hagensborg Chocolate prides themselves in working with suppliers with ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring fair trade practices by working with small farmers. Ingredients in the Wild Boar bars are 85% organic and come from small farming communities.

The first Wild Boar bar I tried was the 39% cocoa, featuring Italy, containing toasted almonds sprinkled with olive oil, Ritrovo rare black truffle and salt. The truffle comes from a small Italian farming community, while the almonds are California roasted. The mold of the chocolate bar itself is adorable, with bites taken out of it, and the words "Chomp, gobble, munch, burp" printed above a picture of a boar. The chocolate was very creamy and I could immediately detect a hint of truffle as the chocolate melted in my mouth. There was a lingering taste of the truffle after the chocolate was gone, which was very pleasant. I'm definitely putting the Italy Wild Boar bar on my favourite list! 

The second bar was 71% cocoa, featuring Indonesia. This dark chocolate bar contains spiced cashews imported from Indonesia (also sourced from a small farming community there), spiced with garlic, chilies and lime. I'm a big fan of dark chocolate so I was excited to try this bar! The slightly spiced ingredients combined with the dark chocolate was a taste explosion in my mouth!

With Mother's Day coming up, some Hagensborg Chocolates might be the perfect gift, no? Make sure to check out Hagensborg Chocolate in stores, follow them on Twitter or Facebook for a full selection of their chocolate bars, and other upcoming deals or their blog for more information on their suppliers.

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