Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Free Samsung Galaxy Tab with New Account at TD Bank

Banks have been increasingly offering better promotions to try and get new customers, and TD Bank is the latest to have an attractive offer. From now until July 19, 2013, you can receive a Samsung Galaxy 7" Tab (wifi) for absolutely free when you open up a Select Services account or an Infinity account. Both are unlimited transaction chequing accounts, with monthly fees waived if you have a minimum balance in the account (balance varies between accounts).

Opening an account is easy enough, but of course it's never quite that simple. The next step is to complete 2 of the following 3 by August 30, 2013.

- Complete one recurring, eligible Direct Deposit
- Complete one bill payment (via EasyWeb or the TD Mobile app)
- Complete a Pre-Authorized Debit transaction

For those looking for some benefit of opening a new bank account, this is it. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is worth $199 and is a great little device (or possibly a perfect gift for the upcoming Father's Day?). TD Bank had previously offered an iPod with new accounts, so a Tab is so much better.


Canadian Banker said...

I just started a blog with my first post about this tablet offer. Here's how to get one without necessarily paying the monthly fees for the account:

Jadyn Friese said...

"Banks have been increasingly offering better promotions to try and get new customers..."

What are some recent promotions that are of the "better" kind?

seapotato said...

Better than before, I mean. Previously they have been only offering smaller items such as an iPod shuffle (which is less than $100). More recent promotions I have seen are $200 apple/itunes voucher and a contest entry to win an Apple prize pack.

Jadyn Friese said...

Dear Seapotato,
Thank you for your response to my question. I now understand what you mean. Are you jumping through the hoops to get yourself a Tab from TD? I am. :-)

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