Wednesday, April 04, 2012

#FirstimPrestons @ Prestons

VANEATS is one of the newest "Groupon" type sites, but better because they offer great dining packages at great prices! And of course, you know I love to eat!! The latest one I bought was for Prestons. I had been there earlier for Dine Out Vancouver and the food was amazing, so I purchased the dining pass immediately! At only $21 for 3 courses, it was a steal!

We started off with an appetizer (not part of the dining package) - Grilled Calamari. I've always been a fan of squid so was interested in trying a different style of calamari instead of the usual battered and deep-fried kind that most restaurants serve. Yum!

The First imPrestons menu started off with some samplers of the appetizers that Prestons serve - Dungeness Crab Cake, Chicken Karaage and Pulled Pork Poutine. All greasy and delicious! The poutine was definitely the best one!

There was a choice of 1/2 Rack of Baby Back Ribs or BC Halibut Wrapped in Double Smoked Bacon. Both sounded like mouth-watering choices but I've previously tried the ribs (which were REALLY good, by the way!), I opted for the halibut this time. Even the presentation was delicious to my eyes. The bacon wrapped halibut sat on top of creamed leeks, quinoa and honey shallot j'us.

Maple and Double Smoked Bacon Creme Brulee was for dessert. It came in an adorable mini mug! On the side was a little donut (Timbit style!) instead of the julienne slices of pickled granny smith apple advertised, but that was okay.

The food was amazing once again. I love dining out at Prestons! Visit to purchase your own First imPreston's dining pass for only $21! They are valid until April 29th. Make sure to sign up for the VANEATS newsletter too, as they're always coming out with new dining packages!

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