Sunday, April 15, 2012

Clean & Clear Morning Burst #CCMorningBurst

A few weeks ago, I received a Klout Perk in the mail - three full sized bottles of Clean & Clear Morning Burst body wash. They are body washes that are infused with bursting beads and come in different fruit scents: Wildberry & Guava, Pomegranate & Orange and Mango & Papaya. I've had the opportunity to try them out and they smell as amazing as they sound! The beads that are suspended in the body wash are a lot of fun too - you can squish them and they go KAPOW! Just kidding! The body washes come in a hefty 473ml bottle. I have to stop myself from squeezing too much out because it just smells so yummy!

Check out Clean & Clear website for more information on the Morning Burst body washes.

Interested in Klout? Check out their site too! Any social media addict should ;)

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