Monday, November 14, 2011

Price Drop on Blackberry Playbook (Nov 18)

Attention all techies! The inevitable price-drop for the Blackberry Playbook has finally come. Starting November 18th (November 16th in Quebec), there will be a $300 price drop on all models of the Playbook. The new prices will be:

16gb for $198 (Was $498)
32gb for $298 (Was $598)
64gb for $398 (Was $698)

These are pretty decent prices for the Playbook so make sure you go early to ensure you are able to get one. Don’t let this be another HP Touchpad fiasco – stores may be out of stock within hours, though I think people may think twice about dropping $198 on a tablet. The sale prices seem to be only happening at Wal-Mart, though other stores may follow suite. Remember you can always price match at other electronic stores as well.

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Naya Saal said...

Just brought my 64GB PlayBook from the USA. Really nice OS, easy to use and great when paired with my blackberry. Apps are very limited at the moment but if the reports that more are on the way is correct, then ipad, watch out!