Saturday, November 26, 2011

CarrotLines iPhone App - Make Healthy Choices with One Scan!

CarrotLines is an iPhone app that allows you to scan food packaging barcodes to find out nutritional information quickly without having to read through all the labels. This is a pretty cool and innovative idea because everyone is always concerned about what ingredients are in foods, especially if you are trying to stay healthy or if you allergic to certain types of food. You can set the app to tell you what you want about a product - nutrition, allergens or lifestyle. Best of all, it's a free app! Just head on over to iTunes to download it onto your iPhone (or iPad!). When you're at the grocery store, just scan the barcode and it will tell you the information you want to know, based on what you selected and can help you make decisions faster about the products you buy. Don't have an iPhone? Don't fret, there will eventually be an app for Android users as well!

I had the opportunity to meet some of the people behind CarrotLines at the Vancouver Health Show a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to win a Terra Breads gift basket from them!

Terra Breads gift basket includes a box of Pecan Fruit Crisps (which are delicious by the way), a ceramic coffee mug and a bag of granola.

Accepting the prize at the CarrotLines offices.

Check out CarrotLines' website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more details about what's happening with them! They also have a blog with all their event posts.

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