Friday, September 16, 2011

Great Deals at Walmart Anniversary Sale!

It's that time again - Walmart's anniversary event sale! There are always amazing deals, especially on games and DVDs (my favorites!). This year, some of the things that jump out at me are:

- Nintendo Wii Mario Kart bundle - $118
- Just Dance & Just Dance 2 Wii games - $19 each
- Super Mario Galaxy 2 - $39
- Select DVDS - $5
- Select DVDs, Blu-Rays, TV boxed sets - $10
- 8gb iPod Touch - $228
- HDMI DVD Player - $19
- Garmin Nuvi 1350 GPS - $98
- Caltrate calcium pills - $6.77
- Select Hasbro boardgames - $10
- Listerine bonus pack - $5.77
- Dawn Dish Soap - $1.37

There are many more deals, but these are the ones that are pretty interesting to me and that I think are super sale prices. And I would know, because I (used to) shop a lot. Make sure you go early, as some items will probably sell out quickly, and there are also limits on other things so you may want to make multiple trips if you're planning to stock up.

Remember if Walmart is too far for you, you can always price match these deals at other stores. Don't forget about your coupons as well!! For electronics, price match them at Best Buy, Futureshop or Staples to receive an additional 10% off the price different!

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