Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Debt - Movie Review

The Debt follows three Mossad agents who have captured a doctor who has performed many terrible experiments on people in the camps during the Cold War. The doctor (Jesper Christensen) is working in East Berlin as a gynecologist so the agents must devise to plan to get to him. Rachel (Jessica Chastain) is on her first mission, along with David (Sam Worthington) and Stefan (Marton Csokas), all who have survived the Holocaust with tragic pasts.

Fast forward thirty-one years, where the three are heros in Isreal. Rachel (Helen Mirren) has married Stefan (Tom Wilkinson) and they have a daughter who has written a book about her parents mission. When David (Ciaran Hinds) suddenly appears after taking off to travel, things get uncovered about what really happened so many years ago.

The movie was a little confusing when it first started, jumping between the past and present, but after you get a foothold on what is going on, it's quite a gripping tale. You begin to feel the desperation of the three agents to capture and expose the horrible acts the war criminal has committed. The doctor has good beside manners but when his cover slips away, you see how truly evil he is and he knows which buttons to press to really get to his captors. There are some intensely graphic death scenes, so cover your eyes if you're squeamish!

The Debt comes out in theatres this Wednesday, August 31.

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