Friday, November 05, 2010

Free Quatchi Plushies, Nov 5-7 (Lower Mainland Only)

The Olympic merchandise warehouses are once again offering a free plush toy for visiting!!!!!! No purchase necessary! You just stroll in and the guy hands you a bag with a small Quatchi doll! ZOMG. I went after work today to get mine because one of the locations is only about 2 blocks away. I totally missed the free Mukmuk a few weeks back and now I am sad. There is a lot of great deals there too, I think I might go back and buy a crapload of stuff.

Large 16.5 inch mascot plush toys are only $4.99 ($3.99 for the Mukmuk), or you can get a bundle of 4 of the medium sized ones for $11.99. The boxed set of 4 (regular $59.99) is on sale for $8.99 this weekend. :O There are also pins, jerseys, clothes, coin purses and a ton of other stuff at pretty dirt cheap prices. They also have the Xbox and PS3 Olympic games for $9.99 this weekend! Go and pick up your Olympic merchandise now (as if you don't have enough already, right?)!

Check out their website here. The items listed on the website is only a small portion of what they have in the warehouse.

The two locations are at 6741 Cariboo Rd in Burnaby or 8410 Ontario St in Vancouver.

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