Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Free Olay Body Wash & Secret Deoderant @ Superstore

Do you still have those awesome $9 off when you buy 3 P&G beauty product coupons? Because things are on sale at Superstore again this week which means free stuff. I only had one coupon from the flyer because there is a flyer thief at my grandpa's house Humph. I also got 2 coupons from brandsaver.ca.

Anyway, Olay Ribbons body wash is on sale for $3.25 each when you buy two, and Secret deoderant is $2.47 to $2.49. There are also $5 when you buy 2 coupons as well that you can use for free Secret deoderant or Satin Care shave gel. HELLO, free stuff! I already made two trips to Superstore and used up my coupons. These will be going into gift baskets that I make at Xmas time! :)

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