Thursday, October 07, 2010

Buried - Movie Review

I went to an advanced screening of Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds. It's a low budget movie about Paul (Reynolds), a U.S. contractor working in Iraq as a truck driver. His convoy was attacked by Iraquis, and he wakes up to find himself buried inside a wooden coffin with only a lighter and a cell phone. He has to call to get help but the results are very disappointing.

The whole movie is just Ryan Reynolds in a box, you don't see anything else (super low budget!). It's all in the dark, with just bits of light from his lighter, cell phone and briefly from a flashlight and glow sticks. After the shocking ending, the movie left me feeling so bad and uncomfortable, and I think a lot of the other movie viewers thought the same. What a terrible, scary movie! I don't recommend this movie if you don't want to watch a man trapped in a box in the dark talking on a cell phone, because that's what the whole movie is about. Go for the big budget action flicks! Just rent this one on DVD if you're curious.

Buried comes out in theatres October 8th.

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