Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free Stuff from Loyalty Programs

I have about a billion loyalty points cards in my wallet for various stores. I collect points on them every time I buy stuff and I finally cashed out some points. Here's some stuff I got:

The Princess and the Frog Blu-Ray Combo Pack
From: Best Buy (800 reward zone points)
Reg $32.99
- $10 online coupon
- $10 Best Buy Reward Zone coupon
- $15.68 Gift Card
= $0.07 OOP!! Plus I got the Princess and the Frog Totebag as a gift wub the movie! (not pictured)

Pokemon SoulSilver & Zelda Spirit Tracks DS games

From: $170 Bonus Redemption at Shoppers Drug Mart
Reg $39.99 each
- 2x $5 Nintendo coupon
I got a bunch of other food and stuff with the redemption I posted earlier.

Game and Watch Collection DS game
From: Nintendo Club (800 Nintendo coins)
Had to buy a ton of Nintendo games to get these coins, but of course, I got most of the games on sale or using SDM redemptions! Plus I used a bunch of those Nintendo coupons from the cereal boxes as well.

Black Eyed Peas The END CD
From: Airmiles (120 airmiles)
The majority of the miles (100) came from signing up for the Safeway newsletter!

Janet Jackson & From the Heart CDs
From: Being a listener of radio station
I just let them know I'm a listener when they were on location (the JJ CD is my sister's)

$10 Cheque
From: TSN Surveys (1000 points? I forget)
Did online surveys.

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