Thursday, December 17, 2015

LEGO 40125 - Santa's Visit [Build]

To get ready for Christmas, I purchased the seasonal set for this year from LEGO - Santa's Visit. 

The contents of the box.
I poured out all of the pieces from the three bags.
This is the base of the set.
Building the fireplace.
Hung up the stockings!
Don't forget the cookies for Santa!
Add a couch for Santa to sit on so he can enjoy his baked goods. It swivels around.
And of course a Christmas tree!
The Santa minifigure comes with his sack of toys. The family cat wasn't asleep!
This adorable Christmas scene makes a great holiday scene!
This adorable little set costs $12.99 and will be set up on my window sill for the holidays! It was a fun build and goes great with my other seasonal sets!

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