Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kao Tong Tong Invasian at Robson Square

There was a Kao Tong Tong invasion at Robson Square last weekend. This adorable agricultural mascot representing Kaohsiung, Taiwan, was there to showcase the best fruits of Kaohsiung. There was a sampling station where you could try the different fruits - golden diamond pineapple, red dragon fruit, pearl guava and Chin-Huang mango. Patisserie LeBeau was there with their food truck to make some delicious waffles and cakes that incorporated the fruits that were showcased. All the fruits were so delicious!

Sampling station.
Small sample cups for anyone interested in trying these delicious fruits!

Kao Tong Tong mascots everywhere!
Pineapple filled waffle by Patisserie LeBeau.

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