Saturday, September 28, 2013

LEGO Store Grand Opening at Surrey Guildford Town Centre

With me coming out of the dark ages of LEGO collecting recently, I just had to visit the LEGO store during the grand opening weekend at the Surrey Guildford Town Centre last week. There was a different exclusive gift with purchase every day of the grand opening celebrations. Friday was a LEGO t-shirt, Saturday was the LEGO brand retail store set and Sunday was a minifigure pack.

J and I went early Saturday morning, and arrived about 30 minutes after the store opened. We were greeted with a line an hour long to get into the store, and peering in the store, there was another line winding around the store to pay for purchases. The exclusive retail store set was limited to the first 300 customers to spend $75 or more, and I was crossing my fingers that they did not run out before I got to the till!

I was able to get my hands on the exclusive set! The store was much like the one at Oakridge Mall, with all shelves packed with LEGO sets sorted by theme, and a pick-a-brick wall behind the cash. There were small stations where kids could play with LEGO, as well as a build-your-own minifigure station.

Afterwards we headed over to the atrium where a LEGO master builder was working on building a giant Hulk figure! There were trivia questions being asked with great LEGO sets as the prizes! J and I built 5 blocks each to contribute to the Hulk statue!

A miniature version of the Hulk that was being built.
Tons of green bricks!
Completed blocks.
Everyone working hard at helping out with the Hulk.
There are a lot of LEGO fans in Surrey, and from what I heard, this grand opening was a huge success! Fingers crossed that there will be a LEGO store that opens up at Metrotown? Happy building, everyone!

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Micheal Jim said...

This is really a Big Lego store.