Saturday, April 27, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Infinite Possiblities Preview Party #GS4Canada

Samsung Canada held a launch party for their newest flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, in three cities simultaneously last Thursday, April 25th. Held at the Rocky Mountaineer Station in Vancouver, doors opened at 5pm, and there were plenty of people in line to get in!

There was a drink especially made for the event - the Blue Galaxy!
I went to find the Galaxy S4 as soon as I got in so that I could play around with it. Staff were demoing the phone and I got the rundown on all the new features. Being released in two colours, White Frost and Black Mist, the S4 looks very much like its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, though the 1080p HD 5-inch screen is slightly larger. I was amazed at how light and thin the phone was. Holding my S3 side by side with the S4, my phone felt very big and clunky (though by no means is the Galaxy S3 not still a great phone!).

The back plate of the S4 doesn't have the slight curve of the S3, so there is no "bum" on the phone, which I actually really liked in the S3 because it made it fit more comfortably in my hand.

The phone boasts a 13-megapixel camera with a host of photo editing features that can spruce up your photos, including drama shots, erasing people in the backgrounds and creating a 9-second sound clip.

There are plenty of impressive new features on the S4. Some of my favourites include multi-window, allowing you to create a split screen of two apps, waving your hand to scroll through windows (goodbye fingerprints!) and Group Play, allowing you to share music, videos, documents and games with other phones, while letting you control the volume and surround sound on the other phones. S Health is another new app built into the phone, you can log the calories you consume, keep track of your exercise and use your phone as a pedometer.

Samsung has outdone themselves by creating an all-in-one phone. I was very impressed with the Galaxy S4 and would definitely suggest getting one if you are in the market for a new Android phone.

The rest of the evening was devoted to some great performances. Canadian group STARS came on first to do their set, and the crowd was definitely excited!

Samsung held Galaxy S4 Casting Calls, where the winner would have the chance to perform on stage at the launch party. Gio Levy won from Vancouver, and in between sets, he came out and serenaded us with the song that won him this amazing opportunity.

Like a mini Bruno Mars!
One of the surprises of the evening was a special appearance by Feist. Slated to appear in three cities at once - Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, Samsung turned her into a hologram to accomplish this feat! Amazing!

It was another great launch party by Samsung and I had a lot of fun! Here's a video of  STARS performing "Ageless Beauty" below. Check out my Youtube channel for more videos.

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