Sunday, January 20, 2013

YEW Restaurant at The Four Seasons

J invited the family to YEW Restaurant at The Four Seasons for a full course menu. We were placed in a private room, surrounded by bottles of wine. We didn't know what to expect, as it was a chef's menu, but I knew there would be plenty of tasty food to come. There was plenty of variety to keep everyone happy, and the food was plated beautifully. My favourite dish is a toss up between the cold appetizer and the duck. Our server, Lance, was great and told us in detail what each dish consisted of. I would definitely come back to YEW for a special occasion. Just looking at the pictures below makes my mouth water!

Freshly baked herb and salmon scones.

Strawberry lemonade with basil.

Coconut and pineapple juice with ginger.

Crab taco, smoked albacore tuna on silk tofu with  avocado and Kusshi oysters.

Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial champagne. It was very fruity!

Seared scallop and pork belly.

Lobster claw with potato gnocchi, lobster bisque and creme fraiche.

Duck breast on brussel sprouts, duck confit, chilled fois gras, shaved black truffle, truffle oil and red wine reduction.

Beef tenderloin, king crab leg, crab sauce, mixed mushrooms and red wine reduction.

Cheesecake, raspberry sorbet on chocolate and a chocolate ganache.

A dessert wine - Mission Hill S.L.C. Riesling icewine from the Okanagan. Very sweet!

To end the meal, we had a piece of dark chocolate, and some of Ned Bell's breakfast cookies to take home.

My family aren't really drinkers, so we ended up taking a couple unopened bottles of wine home to enjoy.

We were also given a can of albacore tuna to take home!

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