Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Art of Getting By - Movie Review

Freddie Highmore (all grown up!) plays George in The Art of Getting By who questions the meaning of life and therefore slacks off in school because he believes everything to be pointless. His teachers are worried about him and the principal (Blair Underwood) puts him on academic probation. George's mother (Rita Wilson) is worried but is dealing with issues of her own - George's stepfather (Sam Robards) has gone bankrupt and has been keeping the family's financial woes secret. While sneaking off to have a cigarette on the school roof, George meets Sally (Emma Roberts), who is equally unhappy despite her popularity. They become friends - both hesitant to make a move to become something more.

George sketches in his notebook but struggles to find a meaningful subject or idea to paint in art class. When a graduate of their highschool, Dustin (Michael Angarano), who is also a semi-sucessful painter comes in for a presentation, George thinks he has found a mentor. However, when Dustin meets Sally, things don't go as George plans.

The Art of Getting By is quite angsty and is not quite realistic, but the young cast does a decent job. It's nothing short of a formulaic script but it's a cute movie to watch. I'd save my money for a big summer blockbuster though.

The Art of Getting By comes out in theaters everywhere this Friday, June 17th.

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